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Smart watering of the garden: How to save water and keep plants healthy

Pametno zalivanje vrta: Kako prihraniti vodo in ohraniti zdravje rastlin

Water is a precious resource that is vital for life on our planet. When it comes to gardening and caring for our plants, efficient water management is especially important. Smart watering of the garden allows us to maintain the health of plants, while at the same time saving precious water resources. In this blog we will look at some tips on how you can water your garden effectively and contribute to sustainable gardening.

Adaptation of watering according to the needs of the plants

Roses, vegetables, perennials – each plant has its own specific water needs. It is important to familiarize yourself with the needs of your plants and adjust watering accordingly. Instead of watering on a schedule, observe the plants and determine when they need water. This will prevent excessive watering and water loss.


Mulching is an effective technique that reduces water evaporation from the soil while also reducing weed growth. Applying organic mulch, such as compost, to the soil around plants will retain moisture, prevent soil erosion and improve soil structure. Mulching is an easy and environmentally friendly way to save water.

Rainwater collection

Rainwater harvesting is a great way to reduce potable water consumption when watering the garden. Installing a rainwater tank is easy and allows you to take advantage of the natural source of water that runs off the roof or other surfaces. Rainwater can be used to water the garden, which will reduce the strain on drinking water.

Use of irrigation systems with low water consumption

Traditional watering with a hand hose can use large amounts of water. Instead, consider using irrigation systems such as drip irrigation or sprinkler systems with low water consumption. These techniques ensure targeted and efficient watering of plants, minimizing water loss due to evaporation.

Watering at the optimal time

The timing of watering plays a key role in efficient water utilization. Avoid watering during the hot peak of the sun, as more water is lost to evaporation while less is absorbed into the soil. The best time to water is early morning or late afternoon when the temperature is lower and evaporation is minimal. This will allow the plants to absorb and use the water efficiently.

Soil moisture monitoring

Regular monitoring of soil moisture is key to smart watering of the garden. Use a hygrometer or simply check the soil moisture by hand. Plants don’t need constant watering, so watch for signs of overwatering, such as wilting or yellowing leaves. Watering is only necessary when the soil is actually dry.

Maintaining water quality

Water quality is also important for plant health. If you use tap water, check its chemical composition. If chlorine or other chemicals are present, consider using a water filter or leaving the water in the sun to evaporate the chlorine gases. You can also use rainwater, which is usually more natural and does not contain unwanted substances.

Smart watering of the garden is key to keeping plants healthy and saving water. By following these tips, you can manage your watering efficiently and contribute to sustainable gardening. Do not forget to adjust the watering according to the needs of the plants, use mulch, collect rainwater, use irrigation systems with low water consumption, water at the optimal time and carefully monitor soil moisture. With these approaches, you will maintain plant health, reduce water consumption and contribute to the conservation of our precious natural resources.

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